Monday, July 2, 2012


Spain had an exciting night last night for the Eurocup finals against Italy!  I watched the game with Begoña, and it's awesome to be in Spain for their historical win!  The 4-0 victory makes Spain the first team to win three championships in a row: Eurocup-World Cup-Eurocup.

This was the end of a very busy and exciting weekend.  On Friday, I went out with Jessi and Milan to "Casco Viejo," the old section of Bilbao, to experience the nightlife.  We met a group of locals about our age, who invited us to go out dancing with them.  We had lots of fun with them, and it was great to be out with people from the area who know the best places to go!  In Spain, the party lasts all night long.  Typically, people return home between 5:00-7:00 am on weekends.  It seems rather exhausting to me, but we had a great time with our new friends!

Jessi, Milan, and I with our new friends from Bilbao.  
Except the guy on the far right - he's their friend visiting from Belgium.

On Saturday, we met Andrea in Bilbao for a "Bilboboats" tour along the river.  We enjoyed a relaxing riverboat tour with some nice views of the city.  We were joined by a group of guys out for a bachelor party, and the groom-to-be was dressed as a female lifeguard complete with a long blonde wig and a bright red bathing suit!  I returned home to the news that Begoña had had an accident on her bicycle while we were out, and was at the hospital.  Her friends brought her home Saturday night with her foot tightly bandaged.  She somehow cut off her little toe while riding her bike, and had to have it reattached!  She is doing well, but she's upset that she can't bike, go to the beach, work in the garden, go out kayaking, etc. for the rest of the summer.  Her friend Ana has been here with us to take care of her, but Begoña doesn't like to sit still!  Please keep her in your prayers for a quick recovery!

Me, Jessi, and Milan on the Bilboboat tour.

Saturday night was another night out.  We went to Sopelana, another suburb of Bilbao for las "fiestas de Sopelana."  During the summer, the towns around here have all night long parties in which people go to bars, and hang out along the streets and in the parks.  The metro was filled to the max with people on their way to the fiestas, and when we got there, there were fireworks, and we went to a park where a stage was set up with a band playing live music.  The entire town was one big party, and everyone had a great time!

On Sunday, Michelle, another American student, moved into our apartment.  She is studying at another university in Bilbao.  I brought her into the downtown of Getxo to show her around, and later we walked down to the beach.  It'll be nice to have another friend here in the house!

Today we had a meeting for class placement at the university, and began our afternoon classes.  I had some time before my literature class began, so I set out in Bilbao in search of a "heladería" (ice cream shop).  Using my infamous ice cream radar, I quickly located a shop selling all-natural Italian gelato!  The two servers there were very nice and offered to let me taste a few flavors before I settled on a mix of rich dark chocolate, and chocolate-hazelnut flavors!  ¡Qué rico!  I left the shop and said "hasta luego"  (see you later), but the server corrected me - "no, hasta pronto!" ( no, see you soon!).  I'll probably return sooner rather than later, but I really shouldn't make a habit of stopping by every day in between my classes...

With classes in mind, I suppose I should go do some homework.  I almost forgot I'm in Spain for a study abroad program - key word: study :/


  1. Sounds like you're meeting all kinds of people! Maybe you'll bring home a Spanish boyfriend? ^.~ What's the general opinion of Americans over in Spain? Do you find many of the people are surprised you're able to speak with them?

  2. It's great! I obviously expected to meet Spanish people, but I'm meeting people from all over the world, which is super interesting! People here are very nice and welcoming, I don't feel like they look down upon me for being an American like a lot of people assume happens in Europe. A lot of people are definitely surprised that I speak Spanish as well as I do, many who speak English try to talk to me in English, but I tell them that I prefer to speak Castellano. After all, I'm here to practice and immerse myself in the language!