Sunday, July 29, 2012

la vida cotidiana

El viernes terminó el programa de la universidad. Tuve una clase de cultura y política española contemporánea, y una clase de literatura española del siglo XX. Las disfruté mucho y he aprendido mucho de la cultura, historia, y política española. Mis profesores eran estupendos, también. Durante estas semanas pasadas, pasaba las horas entre mis clases en Bilbao. Andaba por la ciudad a las tiendas, y visitaba a veces una pastelería (me encantan los martes, cuando todos los productos cuestan mitad del precio normal!) .  Pasaba muchos días leyendo en el parque cerca de la universidad. Quiero compartir unas fotos de mi vida cotidiana en Bilbao.

The university program ended on Friday, the time flew by!  I took a class in culture and politics of contemporary Spain, and a class in Spanish literature of the 20th century.  I enjoyed them both, and I've learned a lot about the culture, history, and politics of Spain. I was also lucky to have great professors here! During the past few weeks, I've passed the time between my morning and afternoon classes in Bilbao.  I walked through the city to the shops, and sometimes stopped by the pastry shop (I loved their half-priced pastry Tuesdays!)  I spent many days reading in the park near the university. I'd like to share some photos of my daily life in Bilbao, check them out below!

Plaza Moyua - The building on the left is the Spanish government building.
It's one of the few places in Pais Vasco where the Spanish national flag is flown.

Bilbao is nestled in a little valley surrounded by mountains and the ocean.
I love the green hills that rise around the city and can be seen from the city center!

A beautiful church not far from my university.
And my favorite pastry shop is right across the street :)
Musicians at the park in Bilbao. 
The park where I spent many days reading in the shade or the sunshine.

Ever wonder how google maps gets the street view on park pathways?
The google maps bicycle.
I caught a picture of him as he rode by. Maybe I'll show up on google maps holding my camera!

Fountain in the park
Another view of the park

Family feeding the geese.

I think I've mentioned how people dress their kids in matching outfits.
Here's an example, even the mom has a similar outfit!
Unfortunately, I've been sick with a head cold and sore throat all weekend, so I spent most of my time resting and reading. But to look at the bright side, I rounded out my Spain experience with a first hand experience of the medical system.  Andrea brought me to the emergency clinic on Thursday, where I had to explain my symptoms to the nurse and doctor in Spanish. I got some medicine and I'm feeling much better today! Plus I get the souvenirs of my hospital bracelet and a copy of my sinus x-ray.

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