Thursday, May 29, 2014

La Sagrada Familia

We arrived to a rainy afternoon in Barcelona yesterday, so we really did nothing but eat and relax. We're in full vacation mode now for sure!
Today we visited the Sagrada Familia basilica designed by Antoni Gaudi. Construction began at the turn of the 20th century and is ongoing today. We visited there when we were first in Barcelona, and we noticed that they've made some progress these past two years. This time, we got tickets to go inside the cathedral. When we stepped through the doorway, I was overcome with a sense of sacredness. Light of many colors penetrate the stained glass windows and filled the vast open space. Columns stretch up to branch at the ceiling as supports of the many high bell towers above. We stopped in a small chapel designated for silent prayer that was free of the bustle and picture taking outside. Our tickets also allowed us to  closely view the two facades of the building: one ornately carved and representing the nativity, and the opposite geometrically structured with straight lines and representing the  passion. Gaudi designed the basilica with detailed intention to convey symbols of the sacred family and the gospel throughout. Below the cathedral, we walked through an exhibit showing models of the various stages of design and construction, as well as a peek into the workshop where architects are rebuilding models that were destroyed by a mob during the Spanish Civil War. 

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