Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Killarney National Park on horseback

Day two in Ireland brings us to Killarney. Shortly after we arrived in town, we went on a horseback ride through Killarney National Park. There were beautiful views of the lake and mountains, and we passed very close to a group of deer grazing in a field. The deer are much less skittish when approached on horseback. It turned out to be a learning experience in riding as well, since I've only ridden a little and always western style. Our guide taught us to trot and post in the English saddle, which was fun! 
After the two hour ride, we walked around the center of Killarney to have dinner and check out some shops. Tonight we will head back into town for a beer and some Irish music at one of the pubs. 

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  1. Mmm Irish beer. Bet it's almost as good as Grand Rapids' beer. Next stop on tour of Europe... Michigan! =] Glad you're blogging and can't wait to hear your stories in person this summer!