Friday, May 30, 2014

When it rains, eat chocolate!

We woke up to the sound of driving rain this morning, disappointed that our plan to visit Parc Guell was dampened. But we decided to hope for sun tomorrow, and looked up some rainy day activities for Barcelona. We scratched a few options from the list right away (a feet-nibbling-fish spa? Not appealing), but soon found the ideal place to go, the Barcelona Museum of Chocolate. Sounded like the perfect place to escape the drizzle and enjoy one of life's simple pleasures. 
However, the museum showed us that, in fact, chocolate is not so simple. The complicated process of chocolate production is what made it a royal delicacy when it was first introduced in Europe (through Barcelona!) The museum included a fairly small exhibit explaining the history and making of chocolate, as well as some impressive
chocolate sculptures. My favorite part was eating my ticket - it was a delicious bar of dark chocolate!
The sun was beginning to peek through as we left the museum, so we had a dry afternoon to wander the Gothic quarter. Before heading back to the apartment, we stopped for chocolate con churros - just couldn't get chocolate my mind after our museum visit!
Next stop in a tapas dinner in the Gracia neighborhood - said to be a trendy area for the locals. 

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